Gruppe Technologie offers clients in Africa bespoke professional services to help in securing best-in-class safety and security solutions from service providers and system integrators.

We eliminate disparities that arise from direct sourcing from competing service providers who often reduce quality or quantity in order present the lowest price bid. This is achieved through customised solution-design consultancy which informs RFQs, RFPs, EOIs and tenders. Our decision support input enables our clients to evaluate multiple bids on the same basis, which leads to best choice and guarantees value-for-money, solution optimisation and return-on-investment. We also provide project management support to ensure that service providers deliver to budget and to promise.

Why Gruppe Technologie?

The need for specialist advice in the selection of safety and security solutions is critical to successful deployment and practical application.

There is more to security technology than physical deployment. Threat & risk assessments and safety & security audits are strategic as they inform selection and investment. Expert advice helps to bring down costs through successful investigations and insurance claims.

Our Services

We also provide project management support to ensure that service providers deliver to budget and to promise.
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    Bid Preparation

    Gruppe Technologie recognizes that businesses and organisations expect their investments in safety

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    Threat & Risk Assessments

    Risk is the convergence of assets, threats and vulnerabilities and represents the potential for loss

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    Security Technology

    Deployment of a fit-for-purpose security solution is absolutely critical in ensuring that the risks that have been identified

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    Security Solution Design

    A robust security program is the product of an effective Threat & Risk Assessment or Security Audit that maps out the required

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    Security Audits

    A security audit is a systematic evaluation of the security program of an entity by measuring how well it conforms 

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    Fire Risk Assessments

    Automatic fire detection and alarm systems are designed to warn building occupants of a fire situation. 

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  • Use Cases

    Threat & Risk

    Organizations cannot be faulted for focusing on their core functions in pursuit of their goals and objectives. 

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    Electronic Security Systems

    The increasing availability of electronic security systems means that the security industry is becoming 

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    Life Safety Systems

    According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, life safety refers to any interior building element designed to protect 

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