Bid Preparation

Gruppe Technologie recognizes that businesses and organisations expect their investments in safety and security solutions to solve specific problems. The limitation in achieving this is quality assurance from vendors during specification, sourcing, deployment, service delivery and after-sales support.

Key Deliverables

  • Is the proposed solution matched to risk?
  • Are proposals compliant with needs and specifications?
  • Is the proposed solution fit for purpose?
  • In the case of manpower is selection, recruitment, training and on-boarding comprehensive?
  • Are installers trained and certified in the case of security systems?
  • Are there sufficient warranties and guarantees for products and services?
  • Does the service component optimise the investment in security equipment?

We help our customers resolve the above questions by working jointly to develop bid documents from RFPs, RFQs, EOIs and tenders, by focusing on key vendor deliverables for the Technical and Financial segments of the bid. This ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the overall sourcing process and guarantees responsiveness by vendors.

We deploy a five-step process to assist our customers throughout the bidding life cycle including implementation support once a successful vendor is contracted.



Gruppe Technologie offers clients in Africa bespoke professional services to help in securing best-in-class safety and security solutions from service providers and system integrators.

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    Bid Preparation

    Gruppe Technologie recognizes that businesses and organisations expect their investments in safety

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